Heart Core Chicks Evolution Program

This program is for you if you have graduated from the Heart Core Chicks Transformation Program and you want continued nutritional support, coaching and customized workouts. This is highly recommended so that you can continue to work towards your goals; advancing your knowledge, upgrading your workouts, and getting coaching through those inevitable backslides. 

You will get 

  • Continued Voxer Access
  • Continued Weekly Calls 
  • *Customized and Personalized workouts through a private app to continue to increase your fitness level and overcome plateaus
  • *NEW I will work with you to customize your fitness program so you are advancing and not just repeating the same workouts. This app also connects to my fitness pal for easy nutritional coaching.
  • New lessons on fitness, nutrition, and mindset every month

189 monthly if you commit to 1 year

229 monthly if you commit to 6 months

3 Modules

Module 1: Strength Training and Supplements

Strength training is essential not just for fat loss but for strong bones and muscles adding to your longevity. As you build more muscle mass you increase your metabolism and ability to burn fat. Building muscle necessitates that lift heavy enough to make micro tears in your muscle, so learning to lift heavy is crucial. And, fun!

Supplements are key in supporting your body's health and vitality and are especially important during times of calorie deficit and increase in exercise. 

Module 2: Tabata Training with Kettlebells

Tabata training is the most efficient way to improve fitness levels, is super fun, can be done anywhere and with almost any equipment. Using kettlebells in a tabata format can help anyone get in crazy great shape in a minimum amount of time with very little space. Great for those who need to avoid high impact activity. 

Module 3: Calories and Macros; WTF?

Learn how to calculate calories and why they matter. Understand macros and learn how to track them. 

Modules for this product 3
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